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Herrera Tax Solutions is a trusted company that provides Income tax and bookkeeping services designed to keep your finances in order. Our experienced team offers flexible hours and a fast response to all inquiries. As our client, you'll always receive insightful, sound advice to help you better plan for the future.

We were founded with the mission of providing Individual Taxpayers and small business owners full Income tax, Bookkeeping and Payroll services to run their business effectively where you'll benefit from our detailed work and we can customize our services based on your unique requirements.

Our goal is continue offering confidence, security and protection to our clients. 

Reliable, Personalized Financial Assistance

If you need our services. We're available year-round to handle all of your bookkeeping, taxation, payroll processing needs. Put our years of experience to work by contacting our staff any day of the week.

Professionalism with experience serving a diverse clients with a wealth of intellectual strategies and solutions for a variety of situations.

Our Service - You will benefit by having a group of professionals to assist you in achieving your goals.

Open When You Need Us -  Our offices are open 7 days a week, throughout the whole year. We are here when you need us.

Our Locations - We offer a convenient location in New Jersey. Our team travels to meet our clients at a locations close to their home.

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